STUDIO teatrgaleria

is a place for inventive experiments conducted by artists representing various artistic domains. With reference to its avant-garde tradition and with Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz as its patron, STUDIO established a space for free speech where different disciplines of art. will interpenetrate: theatre, visual arts, music, film. In accordance with the thoughts of the Theory of Pure Form author, the invited artists have an opportunity to carry out aesthetic experiments. STUDIO does not establish a programme, but a PLACE, where one can think differently than in the reality programmed by politicians and advertisement agents. STUDIO aims at changing this reality. The starting point for us is the question concerning the future of artistic theatre in Poland and Europe and, more precisely, how can it defend its position in current social, economic and political situation. STUDIO is an open and democratic space with no privileges. The same principles apply to everyone. Everyone is free to choose the topics and artistic means. It is the concept, not convention that matters. There is no place for stardom, but for partnership. The STUDIO actor is a mindful artist whose role in the performance does not limit to being an element of the staging. The practical realisation of the theatregallery concept is a permanent set on one of the stages, inaugurated by an art show. Thus, stage design automatically becomes a work of art exhibited in the theatre space.

The autonomy of scenography in a theatre setting encourages broader consi­deration of the situational context: a fact emphasised in Daniel Buren’s arti­stic practice and reflection on the institutional dimension of art. Places that had seemed familiar are no longer so: they simply exist. Any covenants we make with space turn out to be merely temporary.

In 2017 ‘Isolation Ward’, a project set on the Modelatornia stage, was realized by Mikołaj Grospierre and Olga Mokrzycka-Grospierre. In 2018 STUDIO has invited Daniel Buren to participate in the project. On September the 9th Buren personally opened his Work In Situ in STUDIO teatrgaleria. Since then three young directors have been invited do produce their performances using Buren’s artwork as a starting point.