Come Together - online

Come Together - online

Come Together
Performance with English subtitles.

May 27 at 19:30

Broadcast via  YouTube (direct link below)

They say every spectator dreams about going on the stage, whereas every actor fears a spectator storming the stage during their performance. Is that so? This amazing (anti)participant project by Wojtek Ziemilski questions concepts such as actors, audience, interaction, participation, involvement, community, fiction, reality, freedom of choice, theatre convention – and does it with anarchist sense of humour and a disarming impertinence of a child that sill doesn’t know what you can and shouldn’t do in a theatre. Anna Róża Burzyńska

This play gives us what matters most in any theatre – the sense of closeness of the audience with the presented world. It also encourages a subtle reflection on the way we perceive the surrounding reality. What looks like a scenic detail and fun made of the audience’s expectations and theatre conventions, stays with the audience thanks to the unpretentious game performed by the creators.

The actors “flirt” with the audience, yet they do it in a very intelligent, sophisticated and opened manner (…). Everything that Ziemilski created looks like well-thought, nonintrusive and very natural scenic situations. It is so thanks to all of the involved artists, who brilliantly entertain the audience throughout the whole process of trying to make contact with them – and do it in a very subtle and unstudied manner. On top of that we are offered the opportunity to reflect on our past experiences and our perception of the surrounding reality.
Wiesław Kowalski/Teatr dla Was

In the serious-to-the-limits Polish theatre this is like an atmosphere-refreshing joke. It also brings about this not very revealing but self-mocking reflection on scenic conventions and this agreement that each evening clearly outlines the roles of actors and the audience.                                
Jacek Wakar/Polskie Radio

TEXT / DIRECTOR: Wojtek Ziemilski
SET AND COSTUMES: Wojciech Pustoła
CHOREOGRAPHY: Maria Stokłosa
MUSIC: Sean Palmer
LIGHT: Michał Głaszczka
DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANT: Urszula Hajdukiewicz
PRODUCER: Agata Balcerzak

Krzysztof Strużycki
Lena Frankiewicz
Sean Palmer
Wojciech Pustoła
Maria Stokłosa


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